Stripped down to a duo for the first time, Trish Keenan and James Cargill whittle down their sonic pallette too with their third studio record that favors minimal elements over ornate instrumentation. Prime examples of their newfound direction include the willowy title track (named after Gertrude Stein’s book of the same name) which strings words together to form curious relationships and the gentle sway of “Tears In the Typing Pool” which makes excellent use of a plain acoustic guitar. The sparkling glow of “Arc of a Journey” is a gorgeous moment in the middle of the album and the penultimate “You and Me in Time” plays like a lullaby sung over dissonant chords. There is still some decorative styling every so often but the pair shine best here with their simpler statements that isolate rhythms, trim down lyrics, and present you with something to get lost in.


What do these squares mean?

Each square is a track tile which shows the most dominant characteristics of each song of the album.

The asterisk (*) in each track description highlights the strongest characteristic in every song.

wow tracks are rated the highest which ultimately contribute to a better album score.

1. "I Found the F"

mid energy, mid feeling, *mid complexity

2. "Black Cat"

*high energy, mid feeling, low complexity

3. "Tender Buttons"

mid energy, mid feeling, *mid complexity

4. "America's Boy"

*high energy, mid feeling, mid complexity

5. "Tears in the Typing Pool"

low energy, *low feeling, low complexity

6. "Corporeal"

mid energy, mid feeling, *mid complexity

7. "Bit 35"

*mid energy, mid feeling, low complexity

8. "Arc of a Journey"

low energy, high feeling, *mid complexity

9. "Michael A Grammar"

*high energy, mid feeling, low complexity

10. "Subject to the Ladder"

low energy, *low feeling, mid complexity

11. "Minus 3"

not rated

12. "Goodbye Girls"

mid energy, *mid feeling, mid complexity

13. "You and Me in Time"

*low energy, mid feeling, low complexity

14. "I Found the End"

low energy, low feeling, *low complexity


wow tracks

1-6, 8, 12-14


Album Makeup – 1 / 1

Wow Track Makeup – 3.1 / 4.5

Song Makeup – 4.5

Album Score – 8.6

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