The buddies from Gainesville bring it home again with a tighter and warmer sophomore album, forging ahead with no covers and opting for a varied collaboration instead with Petty still at the helm. The whimsical “Trailer” is a leftover breezy rock tune from Southern Accents, appropriately selected and used to introduce the record. A pensive Petty comes to an emotional conclusion in the simple acoustic ballad “I Forgive It All” and a fuzzy, whirling circus breaks out in the psychedelic “Hope.” Overall, 2 is a casual and spacious daliance with the jangle and rumble of Americana music, with a familiar band that’s pleased to make earthier compositons rather than shooting for the stars.


What do these squares mean?

Each square is a track tile which shows the most dominant characteristics of each song of the album.

The asterisk (*) in each track description highlights the strongest characteristic in every song.

wow tracks are rated the highest which ultimately contribute to a better album score.

1. "Trailer"

mid energy, *high feeling, low complexity

2. "Dreams of Flying"

*high energy, high feeling, low complexity

3. "Beautiful Blue"

*low energy, high feeling, low complexity

4. "Beautiful World"

*high energy, high feeling, low complexity

5. "I Forgive It All"

low energy, mid feeling, *low complexity

6. "The Other Side of the Mountain"

*high energy, low feeling, low complexity

7. "Hope"

high energy, *high feeling, low complexity

8. "Welcome to Hell"

*high energy, mid feeling, low complexity

9. "Save Your Water"

mid energy, *low feeling, low complexity

10. "Victim of Circumstance"

*high energy, mid feeling, low complexity

11. "Hungry No More"

mid energy, *mid feeling, mid complexity


wow tracks

1-3, 5, 7, 11


Album Makeup – .5 / 1

Wow Track Makeup – 2.5 / 4.5

Song Makeup – 4.5

Album Score – 7.5

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