Tom Petty’s second solo album stretches and breathes over fifteen well-crafted simply put tracks of contemplation; a rustic, homespun, mature collection of songs that seem to fall off the bone as if Petty never broke a sweat in writing them. The title track is a lighthearted and fluttering opener followed by the laid back droll of “You Don’t Know How It Feels.” The last two songs, the concealing “Crawling Back to You” and sweeping “Wake Up Time,” burn and crackle with raw emotion. Everything in between is largely exceptional too and Rick Rubin’s organic, reductionist approach ensure there’s never a dull moment, freeing Petty to emanate from his core with music that’s layered with friction, melancholy and renewal.


What do these squares mean?

Each square is a track tile which shows the most dominant characteristics of each song of the album.

The asterisk (*) in each track description highlights the strongest characteristic in every song.

wow tracks are rated the highest which ultimately contribute to a better album score.

1. "Wildflowers"

low energy, high feeling, *low complexity

2. "You Don't Know How It Feels"

*mid energy, low feeling, low complexity

3. "Time to Move On"

*mid energy, mid feeling, low complexity

4. "You Wreck Me"

mid energy, *low feeling, low complexity

5. "It's Good to Be King"

low energy, *mid feeling, mid complexity

6. "Only a Broken Heart"

low energy, *low feeling, low complexity

7. "Honey Bee"

high energy, high feeling, *low complexity

8. "Don't Fade on Me"

low energy, mid feeling, *low complexity

9. "Hard on Me"

low energy, *low feeling, low complexity

10. "Cabin Down Below"

mid energy, mid feeling, *low complexity

11. "To Find a Friend"

mid energy, low feeling, *mid complexity

12. "A Higher Place"

*mid energy, high feeling, low complexity

13. "House in the Woods"

mid energy, *mid feeling, low complexity

14. "Crawling Back to You"

mid energy, *low feeling, low complexity

15. "Wake Up Time"

*low energy, high feeling, low complexity


wow tracks

1-9, 11-15


Album Makeup – .8 / 1

Wow Track Makeup – 4.2 / 4.5

Song Makeup – 4.5

Album Score – 9.5

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