The Traveling Wilburys were a supergroup (or coincidental music militia one could say) consisting of Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Jeff Lynne, Bob Dylan and George Harrison; and Vol. 1 is their serendipitous debut album recorded in only 10 days, full of solid and exuberant tunes with mass appeal. It opens with the balanced and charming “Handle with Care,” a song so good that it spawned the group in the first place. The humorous “Dirty World” finds Dylan playing an auto mechanic while featuring each bandmate trading wildcard words at the end and the optimistic “End of the Line” closes the record fittingly with heart and hope. What could of easily been an awkward blemish in each member’s body of work succeeds by blending their respective signature styles, packing in powerful transitions and giving each track a fun and casual feel.


What do these squares mean?

Each square is a track tile which shows the most dominant characteristics of each song of the album.

The asterisk (*) in each track description highlights the strongest characteristic in every song.

wow tracks are rated the highest which ultimately contribute to a better album score.

1. "Handle with Care"

mid energy, *mid feeling, low complexity

2. "Dirty World"

*mid energy, mid feeling, mid complexity

3. "Rattled"

*high energy, high feeling, low complexity

4. "Last Night"

*high energy, high feeling, mid complexity

5. "Not Alone Any More"

mid energy, *low feeling, mid complexity

6. "Congratulations"

low energy, *low feeling, low complexity

7. "Heading for the Light"

*high energy, high feeling, mid complexity

8. "Margarita"

*mid energy, high feeling, mid complexity

9. "Tweeter and the Monkey Man"

mid energy, mid feeling, *mid complexity

10. "End of the Line"

mid energy, *high feeling, low complexity


wow tracks

1-5, 7-10


Album Makeup – .8 / 1

Wow Track Makeup – 4.1 / 4.5

Song Makeup – 4.5

Album Score – 9.4

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