Hi, Eddie here. I started ALBUM APART as a way of discovering, understanding, and sharing music in a visually informative way. Inspired by data visualization, music psychology and personality research, the rating system uses colored track tiles that determine the most dominant characteristic of any given track. There’s no heavy writing so the reviews are short and sweet as well as revealing. Anything is up for review but mainly indie and pop music are covered from the 60’s and onward. New albums and previously released records are both looked at.

ALBUM APART was originally a side project I did for my UX Design portfolio. The purpose was to reimagine the traditional record review format with fewer words and more visual cues. The core of the site soon developed into a track tile system (seen below) resembling physical mosaic art, that allowed for quickly evaluating individual songs, full albums, and ultimately, an artist’s complete body of work.

Record reviews are dished out and consumed on various mediums: they are read in written articles, watched on streamed videos, and listened to on podcasts, to only name a few. The visual album review presented here adds to the mix and offers another vantage point in learning about the artists we like, dislike, and everything in between. By viewing the site, you can:


  • See songs in terms of energy, feeling and complexity
  • See album scores, summaries, and makeup information
  • See entire discographies visually depicted

Another important aspect of ALBUM APART is how albums are assessed and scored. We all have our certain tastes but beyond our musical preferences, we can look at a given song and pick out very general and objective elements from all kinds of music. For more information, check out the RATING SYSTEM.

ALBUM APART is a digital hub to graphically appreciate and appraise music in all shapes and sizes. It’s for music enthusiasts who want more than a passive listening experience and want to see (quite literally) a bigger picture. It’s for those who want to pursue, enjoy and celebrate how music is amazing.

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Keep your ear to the sound,



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